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Our Employees

Deviney provides its customers with qualified, carefully recruited personnel, and provides those employees with continuous training, mentoring and incentive programs to ensure high productivity and long-term service. Our employees are measured for quality, safety, equipment maintenance, productivity, image and appearance, and are encouraged to be involved in the communities we serve.

Since it is not unusual for our employees to work around-the-clock when a crisis occurs, our customers can rest assured that the work is being done safely, cost-effectively and on time.

To maintain our reputation for providing the best employees in the industry, we know it is important for those employees to trust in us. We believe in open communication, fair and thorough job evaluations, respect for employees, and rewarding a job well done. As a result, our network of trust stretches unbroken from the field technician to the customer's corporate office.

Contract Personnel

The use of contract personnel can save money and increase flexibility while contributing to quality, safety and productivity. Deviney provides a wide range of qualified personnel experienced in communication contract and maintenance. Our contract personnel are screened utilizing psychological and orientation tests for compatibility with each particular client. Managers of Deviney routinely evaluate contract personnel to ensure that employment standards for both the client and Deviney are being met.


Deviney has earned and sustained a reputation for expertise, quality and a high level of customer satisfaction for nearly a half century by serving business and industry such as:

Deviney can work on the basis of fixed-cost, cost-plus, turnkey, negotiated, contract management, labor contract or many combinations of these contractual arrangements.

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