Quality & Safety

Personnel policies of Deviney reflect its commitment to quality and safety by hiring and promoting employees on the basis of skill, productivity and reliability.

The success of any project relies heavily upon the quality and safety standards of the managers, supervisors and crews involved.

To ensure that client quality specifications are met, crews receive precise instructions for each client's project, and installation and construction are carefully monitored.

A great deal of time and energy is devoted to maintaining safety practices through weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings, presentations and instruction. Deviney also promotes a drug-free workplace, utilizing drug screenings to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. Additionally, the safety procedures of our clients are integrated with our practices.

When employees of Deviney arrive on the job, they are motivated to high-quality performance, and they have a clear understanding of the project and the procedures for completing it safely.

Trust & Commitment

Trust is particularly important in the construction industry because so much of the work product is invisible, often underground, and because time is almost always a crucial factor.

We know that providing a quality, cost-effective work product or service on time is only part of our job. Since our work is routinely done on private property, we know the importance of responding quickly to our customers' immediate concerns. We also emphasize respect for the environment and use only the most advanced and reliable equipment.

When we say we deliver a quality product or service on time, we mean it. At Deviney, our word is our bond.

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